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Article 2


Here are some resources that have been a source of encouragement and hope for me this week!

Book: Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges 
This has been a challenging read so far, but a really encouraging reminder. Here is an excerpt from chapter 3 about preaching the gospel to yourself...

“But the gospel is for believers also, and we must pursue holiness, or any object aspect of discipleship, in the atmosphere of the gospel. To do that we must firmly grasp what the gospel is and what it means to practical terms to preach it ourselves every day.”

The Discipline of Grace


A podcast I have been listening to for some time now is by The Bible Project and their series on the Son of Man. Tim and John explore this title for Jesus.

Here’s the link to episode one.


And finally I would like to share a song we will be singing on Sunday!

Jesus- Citizens and Saints

God of resurrection 
Conquerer of death 
Ruler over everything 
the lord of lords and king of kings is Jesus!

Check it out here on Spotify.

Hope you guys have an awesome week!

-Jaclyn Eaves