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Article 3

I am a huge fan of much that has been put out by Acts29 over the years. Check out a session lead by Sharon Dickens at Church in Hard Places. Really interesting. Super valuable. I truly appreciate the insight and growth I have received through this. Pray that it is encouraging and helpful for you!

"Just because she doesn't know who Luther is and she thinks Calvin is a set of boxers doesn't mean that she doesn't know how to handle or understand complex, deep, weighty, and fundamental biblical truths."- Sharon Dickens


One of my favorite songs that we sing at CTK is Hail The King.

"We have been justified, by faith in Jesus Christ. Its only by His grace we stand."- Citizens

Deep, encouraging lyrics driving at the hope of the gospel! Reconciliation to the Father through Christ. What a hope. What a joy!

Love you all. See you Sunday!

-Pastor Kirk