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Article 1

Hey guys! So here are a few helpful resources I have been engaging with this week. Pray these are encouraging and informative.

The book is one that I have been working through in DNA, Saturate by Jeff Vanderstelt Pastor of Doxa Church in Seattle, Washington.

Below in an excerpt from Chapter 2: Jesus Goes to Poker Parties.

"God wants us to see that ll of life, every aspect of it, is a good gift from Him. He wants our hearts to cry out, "God is so good!" in the middle of everyday life. He wants us to eat, play, create, work, celebrate, rest, and relate to one another for His glory. God always intended that every part of life be a participation in His activity in the world and a celebration of His goodness to us all." p.31


Podcast: I love the material The Gospel Coalition produces. This is an area that I am always trying to grow. I have listened to it over multiple sittings and walks on and off campus and around town this week. Super helpful.

Title: How to Talk to People Who Don't Believe in Truth.

Collin Hansen interviews Abdu Murray about living in a post-truth world. Read the article here.


Song: Oh God by Citizens

Height nor depth nor anything else
Could pull us apart
We are joined as one by your blood
Hope will rise as we become more
Than conquerors through
The one who loved the world

Love this! What an encouragement!

Have a great week guys. Love you all!

-Pastor Kirk