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Becoming a Christian

As we open to page one of the Bible, we are introduced to God. We see in the opening chapters of Genesis, our Trinitarian God’s work to create the world. Light, darkness, water, land, things that creep and tings that swim, God creates them all. Then, God creates man and woman. He gives them to one another in the first marriage. God gives man dominion over all of creation. Only in an act of cosmic treason, Adam rebels from God, and falls. In Genesis 3 we see sins entrance into the world and its consequences explained. In Genesis 3:15 God speaks of the eternal plan to rescue his fallen creation by way of the seed of woman. We see God point toward the coming of one who would defeat evil at great personal cost. Throughout the Old Testament we see types and shadow that point humanity toward the coming of the seed of woman that would save sinners. In the Old Testament humanity looks forward in faith to the coming of the seed as their hope for salvation, and it is counted to them as righteousness. In the Gospels we see four accounts of the coming of the seed, our King, and rescuer, Jesus of Nazareth. This is the God-man and creator of all things who entered into His creation in order to redeem it. He lived in perfect obedience to the Law of God, in all the ways that humanity failed, and gave himself as our substitute on the cross. He died in our place, taking upon himself our punishment, and was buried. We believe that three days after his death, Jesus came back to life. He appeared to his disciples over the course of 40 days, commissioned them to live missionally. He ascended back to the right hand of the Father before pouring out His Spirit on His people equipping them for this missional work. The Bible tells us that Jesus will return one day, only this time not as a baby but as the conquering King. To be a Christian is to look to Jesus in faith that He is who says He is, God, and that He paid for our sins in His death satisfying the Father’s wrath on the cross, and rising from the dead in order that we might have life through repentance and faith. Look to Jesus in faith, turn from sin, and turn to God.

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For more information on our beliefs at CTKC, visit our beliefs page.

Membership at Christ The King

We love church membership at CTKC. We love church membership because we are convinced from scripture that God desires for people to not only become a part of the universal church, but a part of the local church. We believe becoming a part of a local church comes through church membership. This is different than simply attending a local church, even on a consistent basis. Being a part of a local church through membership means that you are committing yourself to the good of the fellowship while submitting yourself to the church’s leadership to exercise oversight over your spiritual development and discipleship. At CTKC we practice covenantal membership. To live in accordance with the scriptures, with an intentionality and focus that benefits both the individual and the corporate while glorifying Christ and his great work of grace in us through salvation.

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At Christ The King we practice believers baptism by immersion. This means that an individual has made a profession of faith in the life, death, and resurrection of the Biblical Jesus, has turned from sin and looked to Christ for forgiveness and regeneration of their hearts, and now desires submission to the call of Jesus to be baptized as an outward display of this inward work of grace. In baptism, we are identifying ourselves as connected with Jesus in His death, and now alive with Him in His resurrection. We believe, having been convinced by the scriptures that baptism is an act of obedience, but is in no way sufficient in and of itself for the forgiveness of our sins. In addition, we believe that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. As a result, while baptism is an act of obedience, it is not essential for a sinners rescue from sin and death. To make baptism essential for salvation would be to devalue the sufficiency of the work of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection by saying that something needs to be added to what Jesus has already done.

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There are a number of places to connect and serve at CTKC. From break-down to set up, art, engagement, and helping with King’s Kids.

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Connecting With a Group

Our groups function through what we call Mission Community and DNA. You can find more information as to how groups function at CTK as well as request a group placement here.