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Regarding Online Giving

In recent months we have had a number of people connect with us about the availability to give online to Christ The King. We are so grateful for your interest, willingness, and generosity. I want to speak toward this, but I think it would be helpful to lay some groundwork. As you might know CTK turned a year old on January 7, 2018. In our first year thanks to the generosity of God’s people and the gracious partnerships that we enjoy with a number of local churches as well as our local association, we were able to exceed our 2017 budget without any form of online giving! This led us to present an increased budget for 2018 of almost double that of 2017 before the membership of CTK which was approved unanimously. As a result we are asking the fellowship of CTK as well as those partnering with us to continue to give generously toward the gospel ministry of CTK as we seek to engage and disciple more people in Carrollton and throughout the world this coming year.

Over the course of the last 18-24 months, extending back into our pre launch phase, the question of offering online giving has been one we have considered and discussed for a number of reason.

  • Is this something that we should move forward on given the benefit that it provides to members and potential partners by way of ease in giving?
  • Will this provide opportunity for millennial’s to practice generosity by way of giving toward gospel ministry?
  • Will this assist those whose work schedule often times includes Sunday’s and potentially interrupts their giving schedule? 

These are the questions that we have been asking as a lead team, and one that I have been discussing as the lone elder of CTK with our external elder Neil Awbrey. We believe that the answer to each of the questions considered above, is yes. As a result, after much prayer and consideration, we have taken the necessary steps of establishing online giving to CTK. I am grateful for the work of Matt Schreiner who oversees the financial workings of CTK as well as David Anderson and their research into various giving platforms so that we could best steward any online giving that takes place. I am excited about this opportunity to leverage technology for the further support of gospel ministry as well as the practice of generosity through our fellowship.

Given all the benefits, there are still considerations to be made. As your pastor, I feel it most important to encourage you to practice conscious, worshipful, reflective generosity. Living generously is an act of worship for God’s people. It is a response to the extreme generosity of God extended to sinners in Christ! The gospel calls us toward and equips us to live lives of generosity. With new hearts by way of God’s grace our desire is to actively participate through our giving this the same way that we do as we worship in song, prayer, and attentiveness to the preached Word. Consciously throughout the process. Our encouragement to you, both elders as well as team leads would be this, lean into this act of generosity. If you are giving by way of check on Sunday, be actively engaged in the process considering what is taking place in that moment. If you are giving by way of cash offering, be actively engaged. If you are giving online, be actively engaged.

We are excited about this opportunity to worship and practice obedience by way displaying generosity through our giving. You will find a giving icon on our home page as well as a link below to begin engaging through our new online giving platform If you encounter any problems or have any questions connect with Matt Schreiner at .

Thank you all, it is a joy to be your pastor.

Kirk Richeson