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A Community Transformed by Gospel Centered Relationships

Here at Christ the King Church, we believe that God created us for community. God calls us to community within the local church, the global church, our neighborhoods, our jobs, our school-- all areas of our daily lives. We believe that intimate Christian discipleship and intentional evangelism work together to structure biblical community. This is why we will be launching Mission Communities and DNA groups in the new year. These groups have distinct focuses and goals that orient our focus on both sharing the gospel and learning more about Christ together.

Mission Communities

We define Mission Communities as a family of believers who regularly fellowship together for the sake of gospel engagement in their local community. M/C’s have several distinct purposes:

  • Evangelism
  • Kingdom Advancement
  • Gospel Intentionality in everyday life
  • Low barrier gospel conversation

This means that M/C’s are not focused on the Christian. These gatherings are intended to encourage and support one another in pursuit of our local communities. M/C’s should provide an opportunity to engage our neighbors, coworkers and friends in gospel-centered conversation that anybody can participate in. It may involve reflecting on last week’s sermon, discussing what the Lord has taught you this week or sharing how God has been faithful. What this looks like may vary from week to week and group to group.

M/C’s will meet every other week based on the group’s schedule. Two weeks will be Family Time. This is a gathering in someone’s home to share a meal together. Every third week, the Mission Community will meet in a Third Place. This third place should be somewhere ingrained in the fabric of our community. A favorite restaurant, local coffee shop, park, etc. Any place that shows that we are invested in the culture and community of our city. Below we have some great goals for a successful M/C:

  • Newcomers are consistently invited and engaged
  • The group intentionally pursues non-believers
  • Relationships with non-believers are lasting and growing
  • The group meets in various contexts such as third space, service, and family meals
  • The group has consistent attendance from CTKC members
  • MC’s develop to reflect the community in which they serve in all facets including race, age, background, socioeconomic status, etc.

DNA Groups

DNA Groups are how we structure intimate, Christian fellowship at Christ the King Church. DNA stands for discipleship, nurture, and accountability. We define a DNA groups as a small group of 2-3 believers who gather together weekly to read scripture, practice accountability, confession, and prayer so that we may pursue and desire Christ most. The purpose of DNA groups are:

  • Reading scripture
  • Prayer
  • Confession
  • Accountability

DNA groups will meet every week- women with women and men with men. This is a time for believers to study scripture together and apply it to their daily lives. These groups are designed to be vulnerable, intentional and transparent.

We are excited to launch these groups and see a community transformed by the gospel. To sign up for a group, fill out the form here For more information, you can contact Haleigh Anderson at