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Hi Church,

I wanted to take just a few minutes and talk with you about the immediate plans for Christ The King in contributing to the suppression of COVID-19, or as we all know it now, the Corona Virus.

Myself and the Elder Candidates of CTK have come around the decision to suspend service Sunday morning March 15. Let me explain why.

  1. As I am sure you are aware, there are those in our community that are more susceptible and more at risk of contraction and serious health effects from COVID-19. As a church, we are a mostly un-vulnerable congregation when we consider what this looks like. However, suspending our meeting is one way that we can show love for our neighbors who are more vulnerable as we limit our personal contact.  
  2. While there has been no call from higher governing leaders in our state to avoid larger gatherings, we have heard from smaller governmental agencies on this matter. While we would not be acting in civil disobedience to meet, we recognize the requests goal to protect people. Because this desire aligns with the commands of Jesus to love your neighbor, we believe we can do that. God has given us leaders for our good (Romans 13). It seems wise to, at least for this week, come around this practice for the greater good of our community and her citizens.

This is not a habit that we are forming as a church. We value the gathering together of the people of God! We value the edification of the saints that takes place through our meeting. Because this is true, we will take next steps on a week to week basis. Just because we are not meeting this week, does not mean that we will not meet together next week. Church leadership will be tracking movement and instruction from our leaders as to next best steps, and communicating that to you as we know more.

Here are our prayers for you and your family and friends this weekend.

  1. That you would come around the material provided via facebook / insta / web as a guide for worship from home. Resources will be made available for all ages as well as family worship.
    1. Be creative! Leverage the tech at your disposal to connect with someone from your MC or DNA to read or practice together. Ask questions of one another in light of your reading. These are just a few options.
  2. That you would pray.
    1. Pray for our community, our state, our country, and our world. Pray that spread of COVID-19 would cease and improved health would be felt for those who are ill.
    2. Pray for wisdom for your leaders at a church, local, state, and national level.
    3. Pray for opportunity to celebrate and enjoy Jesus.
    4. Pray for a quick resolution so we can meet together again soon!
    5. Pray for an excitement about meeting with Jesus in the new heaven and new earth understanding that he has defeated our two greatest enemies…sin and death!
    6. Pray for how the Lord would lead you to embrace tech and give in spite of our not being together in person. We are in an exciting season as a church and continuing to support the ministry that is taking place through her and her leaders/members is important to remember!

Remember, you are loved.

“Our hope rests not in fully stocked shelves and ample disinfectant, but in the saving blood of Christ, who gave his life so that one day all disease and pestilence will vanish from the earth (Rev. 21:4). As the headlines scroll across our screens, and anxiety mounts in our chests, let his love for us, rather than fear for ourselves, spur us to action. Remember to wash your hands. Remember to stay home when you’re sick. And most of all, remember to do all this not out of panic, but out of love for your neighbor—the 80-year-old in the third pew, the nonagenarian in the choir, the transplant recipient at work—because Christ loved us first.”- Kathryn Butler

Christ loves you and has secured in himself the fellowship that we now enjoy with God. We are not a fearful people! We look to and trust God as we walk in unity, holiness, and love for Christ, one another, and those around us.

2 Thessalonians 3:16

“16 Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with you all.”

-Pastor Kirk