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Child Dedication at CTK.


We are super excited that you are interested in learning more about child dedication at Christ The King Church! As a church we do not baptize children, but instead offer an opportunity for parents or guardians to publicly commit themselves to the task of parenting for the glory of God, as they dedicate their children to the Lord before the church and for church members to publicly commit to support the families.

We will offer this opportunity at CTK Sunday, January 5, 2020 at 11am. The registration deadline is one week prior on December 29. You will find a link to the registration form at the bottom of this page. But first, maybe it would be helpful to answer a few questions.

First, why child dedication?

  • Though not commanded directly in scripture we find a precedent rooted in the Old Testament displayed through the presentation of Jesus in the Temple as an infant in Luke 2:22-35.

  • In addition, it is clear in God's word that He loves and cares for children. Children are in fact a blessing from the Lord. As a result, we dedicate them to Him committing ourselves to point them toward Christ as they are raised for His glory!

  • If you are dedicating a child, you are making a commitment in your heart before Jesus and His people. In addition, the church commits herself to come alongside you in this work!

  • As Elders, servants to the church, and members it is our desire to equip you and encourage you by the grace of God to fulfill your responsibility and likewise to be good examples to your children.

Just to be clear, child dedication is not:

  • Baptism. Child dedication is not baptism or a substitute for baptism. As a church, we recognize believers baptism or baptism that follows placing your faith in Jesus.

  • Child dedication is not magic. The practice of dedicating your child is not a formula by which we manipulate God. It does not place any type of extra blessing for protection on your child nor does it ensure their immediate or eventual salvation. 

If you are dedicating a child you should be...

  • A committed Christian, not simply in name but in heart. That is that you have placed your faith in the life, substitutionary death, and resurrection of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins. You believe on this confident that His work reconciles you to the Father and transforms the way in which we live our lives. If you are not sure this is where you are, we would encourage you to talk with an Elder, Elder Candidate, or volunteer who can point you to one of these people.

  • You should be engaged in the church. You ought to be either, a committed covenant member or in conversation with an Elder or Elder Candidate about the process. Child dedication is a familial, relational act, difficult to participate in if you are not interested in familiar relationship with those around you.

  • Finally, you should take seriously your responsibility to raise your children in the faith with a strong foundation.

What does child dedication involve?

  • You will be responsible for reading a series of statements related to your role as a parent in raising you child as you point them to Christ.
  • After each statement the church will respond by reading a passage of Scripture before being asked by the parents about their involvement in this work as we love, support, and pray for you through your child raising.

A few additional notes:

We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes early to let an Elder Candidate or Worship Lead know that you are there.

  • Dedication will follow our first cooperate song together.

  • You will be called up, so please sit in a location where you can easily move toward and from the stage (the first 3 rows would be ideal).

To register for January's Child Dedication click here and an Elder or Elder Cantidate will follow up with you!